For any new concept, Cantalupi Lighting bespoke team, together with its trusted craftsmen, analyzes and develops its own ideas to obtain the desired shape from the alabaster veins and the optimal solution from the lighting project.

Flawless and surreal MOONLIGHT is something you do not expect: a sphere of light or a table lamp?

Without any doubt, its scattered led light gives elegance and charm to the viewer’s eye. Not by chance, essence and hallmark of MOONLIGHT is exactly the dramatic effect of light passing through the alabaster translucence, totally back lighted with LED system and AISI 316L stainless steel base.

Perfect for a sitting room thanks to its refined harmony, or for a corner reserved for relaxing atmosphere, ideal for those refined style places, or bistrot with sofas and coffee tables of welcoming and deep atmosphere.

Simplicity and essentiality transform this lamp into something that will never go out of style.

Experience MOONLIGHT in first person on board or at home!

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