Our History

A story that comes from far away...

....to become what we are today

Dear Customers,

passion, dedication and perseverance are the elements which guided every day the diligence in my work. A long path, full of satisfactions, which made my childhood dream come true: my company. Today we are proud to be a happy team because we work in a familiar environment, for an innovative and exclusive production, in a company which grows day by day and recognized all over the world. And I feel the big responsibility to guide this group strong and alive inside myself. “We Are” was born to introduce you our company’s path during the years: that dream which today has become reality.

Welcome in my world.

Cantalupi Electric Systems Cantalupi Electric Systems is born in Viareggio, Tuscany. Solid technological experience, righteous production and working philosophy, constant attention to innovation.
600 Yachts around the world are sailing with electrical systems made by Cantalupi Electric Systems
ce Cantalupi Lighting is born in Viareggio, Tuscany. Cantalupi Lighting is not just made of simple mutations, but of a tradition for passion which always looks to the future. 5.000.000 lights sold all over the world

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