Totally enthralled and fascinated by “Art Déco”  we introduce you a new lighting line, the Cantalupi Lighting Déco Collection.

Such a style, that has inspired and influenced decorative arts, architecture and fashion in Paris since 1925, is the leitmotiv of the entire Déco Collection.  A Collection  that has been created to satisfy that sophisticated and ambitious desire, that never-ending pursuit of geometries and lines that run after a refined and discreet elegance extremely recognizable. Let’s have a look at it even more closely. Recessed indoor downlights with LED technology and sanded glasses. Finely worked brass frames with evident references to the “Art Déco”  and baroque style, enhanced with inlaid decorations in four different lacquered colours.

A Collection that embraces efficiency and technology with an opulent design sometimes with sinuous profiles and sometimes with geometric ones.


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