Bespoke lights


Bespoke lights


Bespoke lights


Bespoke lights


designed by Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti

Bespoke lights


Decorative Wall Lamp

Designed by Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti

Bespoke lights


designed by M2 Atelier

Bespoke lights


Oversized Lamp

designed by Omega Architects

Bespoke lights


Bespoke lights


We Know through experience that the magic happens, when minds meet; when one idea inspires another, to snowball into something amazing.

We listen before we talk, then we listen some more. We translate your idea of light and we achieve it.

If you are looking for something different, one of a kind : that’s what we are here for. We offer you a bespoke product design service, we engineer the product, we backlight through LED technology any translucent material and then we undertake the complete manufacturing process .

The outcome is always the same: something made only for you .

Some of the latest bespoke lights projects

Luerssen – M/Y Ester III/|  Fincantieri – M/Y Ocean Victory,/  Kusch Yachts – M/Y I Dynasty |  CRN Spa – M/Y Atlante |  Heesen Yachts- M/Y Sibelle |  SanLorenzo Spa  -52 mt  STL | Benetti –  FB 264


Style arrives you with Shedar the Wall Light.
The lighting solution made by Cantalupi Lighting has aluminum panels covered in gold leaf , emitted LED lighting flux running from the back of the light over the leaves to the front.

The body of the wall lamp is made of wood ,it is like a sculpture light able to modify , thanks to its adjustable panels.
This elegant light exudes a refined aura and makes a unique addition to your lighting setting.
The Shedar Wall Light can be placed almost anywhere on your yacht or at home like a touch of outstanding style bouncing off walls.
Shedar has been built combining the look, design, and technical knowledge of Cantalupi lighting solutions.

Designed by Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti.


Astro - bespoke lights


Astro - bespoke lights



Amphora is the perfect table lamp to add a contemporary touch to your interiors.

Lighting is essential to shaping the character and attitude of our environments and a modern table lamp acts as a versatile addition to any lighting scheme; Create harmony in your scheme by balancing table lights on either side of a console table or desk.
The craftsmanship of the alabaster amphora diffuser is combined to stainless steel technical elements that define amphora as its original design. The lamp enlightened with led is directly controlled by a touch button on its top. Also available in battery powered version.
Amphora Table Lamp is a Cantalupi Lighting model designed by M2 Atelier.




For any new concept, Cantalupi Lighting bespoke team, together with its trusted craftsmen, analyzes and develops its own ideas to obtain the desired shape from the alabaster veins and the optimal solution from the lighting project.

Flawless and surreal MOONLIGHT is something you do not expect: a sphere of light or a table lamp?

Without any doubt, its scattered led light gives elegance and charm to the viewer’s eye. Not by chance, essence and hallmark of MOONLIGHT is exactly the dramatic effect of light passing through the alabaster translucence, totally back lighted with LED system and AISI 316L stainless steel base.

Perfect for a sitting room thanks to its refined harmony, or for a corner reserved for relaxing atmosphere, ideal for those refined style places, or bistrot with sofas and coffee tables of welcoming and deep atmosphere.

Simplicity and essentiality transform this lamp into something that will never go out of style.

Experience MOONLIGHT in first person on board or at home!


Astro - bespoke lights


Astro - bespoke lights


We strongly believe that the only way to be always ahead is to constantly innovate and experiment, hand in hand with creative, talented people a new dimension to our way of illuminate. So Astro was born within Cantalupi Lighting bespoke department.

Astro is an IP65 outdoor wall lamp composed by two sinuous elements in AISI316L stainless steel inside which there are four LED light sources that emit light upwards and downwards.Heart of the lamp is a decorative led backlit black alabaster that joins the sinuous stainless steel curves. Fully designed and manufactured by Cantalupi Lighting team.

Unquestionably Astro is one of the successful results of Cantalupi Lighting R&D department’s total commitment to quality, concept and development of such an ambitious project as an outdoor wall light is.




Applique made of hand blown crystal (double blowing) and hand ground, with a high decorative value.

Thanks to the diffused light within it, colors of the crystal come to life and blend together with the surrounding surfaces. In addition to the lighting diffused within it, applique Adara also emits light directly upwards.

Astro - bespoke lights
Astro - bespoke lights


Who would not want to see his wish come true?! Cantalupi Lighting Bespoke team welcomed another challenge with the achievement of SOLEIL, a tailor-made solution.

A well-known International designer involved us in one of his most extravagant ambitions on a very important project. His idea came from his strong desire to evoke and pay homage to the cosmic source of energy and light par excellence … the Sun.

This desire has become much more than reality, it states another Cantalupi’ s success.

Its imposing majesty and brightness perfectly depicts the Sun in its fullness.

Let’s see it in detail.

SOLEIL, decorative sculptural element for ceiling or wall installations, is made by an aluminium disk plated with gold leaf enhanced by a grazing light. This disk is overlapped in the middle by an alabaster surface, backlit with LED technology, which reveals in the overhead decorative steel frame,  plated with antique gold leaf, the evocation of sunrays. Superb for various interior décors in both residential and nautical projects.

And you…have you got a wish of light to be fulfilled?




Samira is a table lamp made by Cantalupi Lighting in collaboration with Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti.

It is considered an icon within the interior design of Cantalupi Lighting table lamps and its intrinsic feature of cohesion between different materials and shapes stands out the beauty of craftsmanship and industrialization.

Samira is an ultra-modern design style lamp with a strong aesthetic effect. Manufactured with solid and reliable materials, it is made in stainless steel AISI 316L. The LED light, which backlights the inner alabaster diffuser, is oriented outside through a multitude of copper cones of different sizes all around the table lamp. You can’t imagine how many amazing plays of light and shadow it is able to create in your settings.

Dimensions: diameter 270mm, height 260mm. Available also in wall light version.



Diameter 460 mm, height 560 mm. An oversized without a doubt! An oversized to be collected indeed.

BEEHIVE, one of Cantalupi Lighting bespoke lights, is the highest expression of interior furnishing that plays its aesthetic and decorative task even when turned off. Designed in collaboration with Omega Architects, BEEHIVE is an extra-large lamp, sheer protagonist whose dominant sign is unequivocally tangible in any setting and context. Indoor lamp of high craftsmanship in alabaster with which the LED light diffuser has been realized as well as in the woodcraft of teak whose rings surround the body of the lamp. This giant is a sculptural statement for those design enthusiasts who love to see these massive titans excel in enlightening yachts and the most prestigious residences in a strikingly charming way.

Choosing an “oversized” lamp as it is the BEEHIVE, you will experience a sheer furnishing accessory…


This time the oversized lighting project has come from the UAE after an extremely interesting visit to a well-known studio of interior and lighting design in Dubai.

The level of expertise and creativity made working together an absolute joy and by this excellent synergy FARAON was born.
With all the charm of a historic divinity, as all the kings of Egypt were considered, our custom product FARAON is an oversized decorative wall lamp that shows all its glory not only in its impressive size, 400mm x 400mm width, 620mm height, 36kg weight, but also in its astonishing double finishing in polished and brushed AISI 316L stainless steel, from which spreads a LED RGB suffused light which can be integrated with all domotic systems.
All Cantalupi Lighting products details, from colour variations to metal finishes, can be customized and adapted to meet all design and style requirements.

Faraon - bespoke lights

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